Anraku-ji (2C-125)

From the Peaceful Gardens in Kyoto collection.


The stone lantern takes center stage in this composition, yet it is slightly off center in order to “save” the stone to its lower right from being hidden by the dark silhouette of the window frame. William may have been especially interested in the light in this composition. When we glide through this image from the top, we see tiny blue patches of sky between branches, then the round bushes and lantern, and finally the wooden floor at the bottom of the photograph which is lit with soft light.  We immediately appreciate the dark vertical and horizontal lines before our eye lands on the lantern and the stones below it, which form a triangle. In contrast to these straight vertical and horizontal lines, are many round shapes as well. The stability of his composition brings joy, ease and peacefulness, yet behind it was meticulous and measured calculation. 

Dimensions N/A


Pv1 (9 x 24 in.), Pv2 (14 x 36 in.), Pv3 (20 x 48 in.), Pv4 (24 x 60 in.), Pv5 (28 x 72 in.), Pv6 (38 x 96 in.), Pv7 (48 x 120 in.)


None, UV

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