Sharing the spirit of Japanese gardens

American photographer William Corey devoted nearly three decades of his life to making photographs that explore and express the essence of traditional Japanese gardens. Captured in Japan with much patience and diligence using a large format view camera, Corey’s photos portray in exquisite detail and richness the beauty of Japanese gardens.

William Corey Gallery, established by his wife Reimi after Corey’s passing in 2008, preserves, promotes and sells prints of his lifework. We sell museum-quality fine art prints through our website and support exhibitions of the work internationally.

Please note that William Corey Gallery, while based in the state of Colorado, does not maintain a permanent physical exhibition space. If you are interested in viewing Corey’s work in person, please contact us so we can help you find an exhibition or installation near you.

About William Corey Gallery

Our Mission

Learn about William Corey Gallery LLC, established by Reimi Adachi in 2008 to conserve and promote the photography of the late William Corey.

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The Photographer

In 1974, photographer William Corey was sitting in his Colorado home watching a PBS documentary on Japanese gardens. Within a week he was in Japan, studying and admiring the ancient art of growing.

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The Printing Process

The contemporary fine-art photo printing process is a collaborative effort in which a team of specialists come together to create a final work of art.

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Artist’s Statement

At a crossroad in my artistic life, I made a decision in 1981 to devote my career to photographing the ‘good’ that mankind was capable of — those successful integrations of man and his environment.

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