William Corey Gallery has collaborated for many years with designers, architects, and private and corporate clients on consultations for large scale murals to hang in conference rooms and lobbies, offices and homes; and commissions to produce work for specific sites with the large format camera.

Prints are included in the collections of:

  • The Emperor and Empress of Japan
  • Sakyong Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche
  • Ambassador and Madame Kuriyama, Tokyo, Japan
  • The Japanese Consulate, Denver, Colorado
  • Nomura Securities Int., New York, NY
  • Bear Stearns, New York, NY
  • Ernst & Young, New York, NY
  • J.P. Morgan Bank, New York, NY
  • Chase Manhattan Bank, New York,NY
  • Kidder Peabody & Co., New York, NY
  • Citicorp, New York, NY
  • Dean Witter, New York, NY
  • Bankers Trust, New York, NY
  • Meridian Capital Partners, New York, NY
  • Bank Of New York, New York, NY
  • Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY
  • Innisfree Foundation, Millbrook, NY
  • Merrill Lynch, Palo Alto, CA
  • Coram Health Care, Glendale, CA
  • Butcher Polish, Boston, Mass
  • Pitney-Bowes, Stamford, Conn
  • Int. Clinical Laboratories, St. Louis, MO
  • Coherent Technologies, Broomfield, CO
  • Somalogic, Boulder, CO
  • Denver Investment Advisors, Denver, CO
  • Schuller International, Denver, CO
  • Kaiser Permanente, Denver, CO
  • Listen Up, Denver, CO
  • Shwayder Family Trust, Denver, CO
  • Pamela R. Lessing Friedman Foundation, Boulder, CO
  • HillCO PAC Austin, TX
  • Hitachi Consulting, Denver, CO
  • Minneapolis Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo, MN
  • Numerous other public and private collections



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