When Reimi approached Hitachi Consulting regarding sponsoring a showing of William’s work at Denver International Airport, it was an easy decision to become that sponsor. Not only does the body of work stand as a stunning testament to Japanese culture but also his photographic artistry. As a Japan-based corporation the linkage of culture, visual artistry and corporate social responsibility came together in a very unique and special way.

Stephen Brant, EVP Market Development, Hitachi Consulting Corporation

See examples of William Corey prints hanging in our customers’ homes and businesses.

I distinctly remember first encountering William Corey’s photographs … I was blown away. My wife and I were at an exhibit in Boulder and we immediately purchased one for our home. Later, I purchased another for my office. The beauty and serenity captured in William’s photographs provide an ideal solace to the walls of my law practice. When at times throughout the day I wish to “get away,” I simply turn and gaze into one of his photographs and am instantly transported to a faraway and foreign land — one in which I’ve never physically visited but now feel quite familiar. A land honored to have had William Corey’s eyes laid upon it and captured in such elegance. Reimi, who keeps and curates his work, is one of the sweetest people I’ve met — a joy on both a personal and professional level. All artists should be so lucky to have someone like her preserving and sharing their body of work. Thank you, Reimi, for introducing me to William’s work and for also allowing my wife and I the opportunity at making your acquaintance — we feel blessed.

— Todd Stoneman, Esq., Stoneman Legal

The appeal of William’s work to those that visit our offices has been universal. Our collection includes 9 of his most popular Japanese garden scenes and one remarkable 8-foot vertical copy of the hilltop well and water basin. Each piece offers a unique opportunity to get to know our visitors as we discuss their reactions to the scale, imagery and novelty of Williams art and share our own impressions which are refined daily. We are continually surprised at the revelations that emerge from these conversations and appreciate that William’s artistry is the catalyst for helping us build stronger more meaningful relationships.

— R.M. Tiernan, Coherent Investments

See examples of William Corey prints hanging in our customers’ homes and businesses.

My wife and I first encountered William’s work at a gallery in Austin, Texas. We were both immediately smitten with the beauty and serenity of each piece and could hardly believe that we were looking at photographs. The detail of each one made us feel as if we had been transformed to a different time and place and were standing in the garden experiencing it for the first time. Last year we remodeled our home and added some Oriental influence and wanted to include one of William’s photographs. The real problem was deciding which one, since they are all so beautifully different. We finally decided on Renge-ji, out of the Great Gardens of Kyoto in a 48″ x 60″ size to hang above the fireplace in our great room. It is stunning and we could not be more pleased. Reimi was so accommodating during our purchase and shipping of the photograph and even coordinated with our art framer to get all of the details exactly right for us. We will definitely consider future purchases of this outstanding artist and feel blessed to have added this piece to our home.

— Dennis McWilliams, Sports Director Austin, Texas

“Enabling Awareness,” The opening phrase to William Corey’s Gallery couldn’t be more fitting. Not only do I love to look at the pieces for their sheer beauty, but they also give me a profound sense of peace and give me an endless source of reflection and inspiration. I purchased the large prints in the USA and carried them rolled in an architect cardboard tube. I had no problem having them mounted on a frame in France. Thank you for making my world even more beautiful!

— Sylvie, Paris, France

William Corey’s work is haunting and beautiful. I have looked at many pieces for several years, hanging in my house or hanging at the Denver Airport or in many restaurants around Boulder. I cannot get enough of the work. One piece, in my house at the foot of the stairs that lead to our kitchen (I have seen that piece thousands of times) still reverberates and calms; William’s work does not become a piece of furniture. The pieces remain touchstones, living as trusted friends. The photographs remind us that William Corey was passionate and clear and honest, and also, importantly, able to transport the viewer to a most beautiful collection of inspiring gardens.

— Larry Gold, July, 2014

A friend of mine from Boulder suggested I look at William’s work as I was moving into a new house. When I saw the “SHISENDO,” I immediately knew it was a perfect fit for my living room. That wonderful image fills my space with a tranquil, peaceful mood which is what you want for your home. The exposure method of photo that William takes is alive with its subject. I have also given several of William’s photos away as gifts and they are always “winners.” Reimi has always been great to work with and I am glad these works are receiving more and more notoriety.

— Matt Aspen, CO

Several years ago I came across William Corey’s work, and entered into a most warm and lovely conversation with his widow, Reimi, about William’s work and her efforts to continue his amazing photographic legacy. I have two gorgeous prints in my small collection, and will be adding more as I can. As I told Reimi, in many ways seeing William’s work re-kindled my photographic hobby, so I owe them both a debt of gratitude for that as well as for adding to the beauty of my home. Dealing with Reimi is a delight; the prints themselves are gorgeous, and promptly shipped in reinforced containers. The serenity these pieces add to my home office is a daily blessing.

— Lynne Pitts, Richmond, NH

Our family owns several of William Corey’s pieces — all stunningly and mesmerizingly beautiful. William embodied the ability to capture ever expanding shades of nature in movement, while inviting the viewer to step into breathless tranquility for a moment. We have seen William’s pieces hung in private homes, restaurants, corporate offices, doctor’s offices, and airports and in all settings, the pieces (including our own) create a nurturance to the soul. They remind us to exhale and to breath in beauty, color, and inspiration. We are also tremendously grateful to Reimi Adachi (who is a treasured friend and a joy to be with) for bringing forth William’s pieces in such a honoring manner. The experience of choosing a piece is a gift within itself.

— Corissa JS Gold, Louisville, CO

See examples of William Corey prints hanging in our customers’ homes and businesses.

When Reimi approached me about the displaying William’s photographs in a city facility, all it took was one look at the photographs for me to see that we had to find a way to do it. The vastness of the color, textures and detail makes one feel like they are looking through a window, observing the scenery in real life. My colleagues at Denver International Airport agreed and were happy to display the photographs to coincide with the Denver/Tokyo and Tokyo/Denver direct flights in June 2012. In the subsequent months, I would come to the airport to greet dignitaries as they arrived from other countries. As I waited outside customs where the photographs were displayed, I enjoyed sitting there and watching people’s reactions to them. They would walk by the photos, glance and then stop. They would look at one and then slowly stroll to the others. It was as if the pictures reached out and grabbed them. I understood. The same thing had happened to me. It’s wonderful to see William’s work continue to live for all of us to enjoy.

— Derek Okubo, Executive Director Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships City and County of Denver

To say William Corey’s works are beautiful and powerful may be true, but also a gross understatement. Taken together, his artful photographs move beyond mere imagery to a fantastical place in our collective mind’s eye — a serene setting of respect, renewal, celebration, and inspiration along dynamic paths to discovery and self-awareness.

— Curt Pesmen, author, editor, and producer, Boulder, Colo.

We were delighted to display the William Corey — Japanese Gardens photography at Denver International Airport. Located outside of our international arrivals hall, the exhibit provided a warm and comfortable welcome to our visitors from Japan. Also, over the 12 months the photographs were displayed, we hope that when seeing the beautiful images it encouraged people to fly United Airlines’ nonstop flight between Denver and Tokyo!

— Sarah Bruton, Director, Customer Experience Denver International Airport

We take our meals beneath a very large photograph of a Japanese garden by William Corey. It does not disrupt the silence. I am a garden builder schooled in Japan, and the garden of which this is a photograph is not a particularly good garden, by traditional standards. It has a lot of “heart” which we might call “soul.” Most photographs photograph gardens as subjects. Uniformly they are far less than the experience of the garden. William’s photographs always transcend the garden they use as subject matter. They use the Japanese garden to show an even deeper and more meaningful view of what is reality. William Corey’s photographs are certainly more than expertly done recordings of Japanese gardens, they point to an appreciation of the interdependent coexistence of the moment — the right light, the right moment, the right preparation, the right people, the right way.

— Martin Mosco Marpa, Landscape Design Studio Boulder, CO

See examples of William Corey prints hanging in our customers’ homes and businesses.

A number of years ago I happened to come across a photograph by William Corey. This first impression of a beautiful garden in Kyoto was so touching that it stayed very much with me until I met Reimi a few years later. And then, upon meeting Reimi, a door was opened allowing me to obtain a much wider exposure and better appreciation of William’s photographs. My husband and I decided immediately to purchase several pieces which are now a focal point in our home. Whenever I look at the photographs I feel that the beauty and serenity in his work connects me with an inner harmony and peace. And interestingly, my viewing experience differs depending on the time of day. At dawn, the vibrant reds, yellows and golds make the picture glow and look very much alive. Later in the day, I become more aware of small details of rocks, grasses or water bodies that I did not seem to notice earlier in the day. And sometimes it feels like I could right walk into the light and shadows of the gardens and temples. And looking at the sacred sites in Kyoto quickly transports me away from the tumultuous life typical to our age. William’s art is an invitation to contemplation and connecting with the ancient ways.

It was a wonderful experience meeting Reimi. She told us about Japan, offered written material about Japanese gardens and gave us many important insights to the sites where the pictures were taken. Her chosen path of carrying on William’s passion and dedication to bring peace to the world through his photographs is an inspiration. Also, of utmost importance is that she deals with business in the most professional manner. We appreciate and trust her.

 — Helene Macdonald, Boulder, CO   

We have four of William’s pieces hanging in our home. We were privileged to know William before he passed away. We gaze at William’s pieces every day, especially the one that hangs in a very prominent spot above our fireplace in our dining room/great room, and another one in our master bedroom. The detail and beauty found in William’s work has never ceased to amaze us. He has captured the serenity of the Japanese garden through his lens and shared it with us.

— Dave and Kristen Carlson, Centennial, Colorado

I first met William Corey approximately 10 years ago and was an instant fan of his Japanese gardens and landscapes. His eye for detail was incomparable and his photographs not only captured the natural beauty in Japan but also its more subtle cultural and spiritual resonance. I currently have a full exhibit of William’s photographs at Caffe Sole so that I can see them in full display daily!

— Suter Du Bose, Caffe Sole Owner, Boulder, CO

Corey’s breathtaking photographs evoke a sense of wonder and serenity. One is astounded by the complexity of composition and exquisite detail, yet his work exudes such tranquility. We have yet to travel to Japan, yet Corey’s work magically transports us to a hidden and ancient world. Our house has been transformed into a home by Corey’s enchanting photos.

— Valerie & Alan Littleton, Colorado

Even a casual glance at one of Corey’s photographs produces an involuntary sense of balance and calm. The images exude enormous serenity and capture the very essence of Japanese gardens and temples. A message that comes through is that of genuine admiration for the beauty of nature, enhanced by our reverence for it.

— Nebojsa Janjic, Boulder, Colorado

I am so happy to have William’s beautiful large 8 ft. photograph in my new house. It is absolutely gorgeous. I am displaying it at the entrance hall. Everyone who come to my house are stunned, and they usually gazed it for awhile. It is as if having the Japanese garden right outside my window since it is close to life size, and I can see all the details I could not see in the image I saw in the website. I find something new each day. Initially, I was concerned about shipping it to Japan, but Reimi was very good about letting me know about the whole precess, and I received it in just little over 2 weeks. Thank you, William and Reimi!

— Ann, Osaka, Japan

See examples of William Corey prints hanging in our customers’ homes and businesses.

I feel privileged to have a masterpiece by William Corey in my office. Whenever I see it, I am reminded of his passion for the beauty of Japanese gardens. It enables me to forget the hardship of daily life and be at peace. Reimi was also very helpful explaining me about the printing process.

Kenneth, Sacramento, CA

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