• Zen Gardens in Kyoto
  • The Gardens of Yamagata
  • Autumn Gardens in Kyoto
  • The Imperial gardens of Kyoto
  • Spring Gardens in Kyoto
  • Peaceful Gardens in Kyoto
  • The Great Gardens of Kyoto
  • The temple Gardens of Kyoto
  • The Gardens of Kyoto
  • Beautiful Gardens in Kyoto
  • Tuscany, The Gardens of Italy
  • Innisfree, America's Greatest Garden
  • Installations

Important note: William Corey’s lifework is being archived at The Department of Special Collections and University Archives for the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Libraries for digitization, exhibition, display, research, and preservation and education for future generations. His work will eventually be catalogued on their website, but not all the images that appear there will be for sale. However, the William Corey Gallery will continue to promote and sell his work for the foreseeable future.

Japanese Garden Photography

Japanese Gardens are the material things that form the subject matter of this exhibition. They are also supreme artistic achievements from a very great culture. The photographer who approaches them is faced with the very formidable task of trying to use one art form to do justice to another. If he is successful he must somehow convey the truth of the first medium in terms that are true to the second. This is the task that William Corey has so admirably undertaken in his monumental study of the gardens of Japan.


After William Corey succumbed to cancer and left this world in 2008, Reimi has been a dedicated keeper and promoter of William’s work, and it has become the mission of WCG to take on his life’s work and to promote his large format fine art photography internationally.

WCG’s purpose – There are 3 missions…

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