Find serenity, peace of mind and inspiration in fine art photographs of Japanese gardens.

“Japanese Gardens are supreme artistic achievements from a culture of great depth. The photographer who approaches them is faced with the formidable task of trying to use one art form to do justice to another. If he is successful he must somehow convey the truth of the first medium in terms that are true to the second. This is the task that William Corey has so admirably undertaken in his monumental study of the gardens of Japan.”
— John Einarsen, photographer and founding editor of Kyoto Journal

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A Lifework: Enabling awareness, bridging cultures, offering peace.

The William Corey Gallery (WCG) LLC was established by Reimi Adachi in 2008. WCG is an online photo gallery that sells fine art photographs both online and offline. We also participate in physical exhibitions hosted by the other galleries, institutions, and public spaces. After William Corey succumbed to cancer and left this world in 2008, his wife Reimi has become a dedicated conservator and promoter of William’s work. It has become our mission to take on his lifework and promote his large-format fine art photography internationally. Read more about our mission and goals.

Kyoto-based Photographer John Einarsen on William Corey's Work

John Einarsen, Founding Editor of Kyoto Journal, received the Japanese government’s Cultural Affairs Agency Award for the magazine’s long-term efforts to introduce Kyoto and Japanese culture to the English-speaking world.

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