We arrived in Kyoto on April 25th, 2007. It was 4 weeks after he had completed the radiation therapy which took for 6 weeks, soon after the 2nd surgical operation performed on Jan 9th that year.

His cancer was still metastasized, and there were no more methods left to cure this disease.

We didn’t know how much longer he could live …could it be 3 month? 6 month? or a full year?

Neither had he any strength left to take the pictures nor even to carry around this 70 pound camera and a tripod with the negatives. Even though, we took the chance and left for Japan, for we didn’t want to live our lives in fear. He was still alive and only way for him to feel that he is really alive was to keep taking the pictures.

He used to say:

“Photography dissolves all sense of time, and all awareness of the other parts of my life. In retrospective, though never at the time, it feels like profound happiness.”

“All of my work is just another expression of my growth as a person.”

“All of my photography is in the service of understanding my personal experience.”

His photographic journey was never meant to be taking documentary pictures, and as he quote he was always searching for himself and to grow through the camera.

His photos were loved by so many people who are having same goal or sensing the peacefulness or calmness in the picture. He wanted for the people to enable awareness. He was a spiritual photographer, and all of his images he has taken reflect his spirituality.

All photographs are available for purchase. Sizes up to 4 X 10 feet.

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