Installation Examples

Our customers find that William Corey Gallery photos are well-suited for display in both corporate/business and residential settings. The photos on this page show how our prints look out in the “real world,” framed and mounted in offices, restaurants and home settings.

Feel free to contact us with your questions or special requests. We’ll be happy to help you select the best image and size for your needs.

Business / Corporate

Below, views of William Corey prints hanging in corporate office spaces, hospitals and health facilities, hotels and restaurants.

The appeal of William’s work to those that visit our offices has been universal. Our collection includes 9 of his most popular Japanese garden scenes and one remarkable 8-foot vertical copy of the hilltop well and water basin. Each piece offers a unique opportunity to get to know our visitors as we discuss their reactions to the scale, imagery and novelty of Williams art and share our own impressions which are refined daily. We are continually surprised at the revelations that emerge from these conversations and appreciate that William’s artistry is the catalyst for helping us build stronger more meaningful relationships.

— R.M. Tiernan, Coherent Investments


Views of William Corey prints hanging in residential spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms.

We have four of William’s pieces hanging in our home. We were privileged to know William before he passed away. We gaze at William’s pieces every day, especially the one that hangs in a very prominent spot above our fireplace in our dining room/great room, and another one in our master bedroom. The detail and beauty found in William’s work has never ceased to amaze us. He has captured the serenity of the Japanese garden through his lens and shared it with us.

— Dave and Kristen Carlson, Centennial, Colorado

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