Sanzen-in (2C-29)

From the Spring Gardens in Kyoto collection.


We can feel an ascending rhythm in this composition—the Jizo nearest to us in the foreground leads to the two figures in the middle, which then in turn guide our eye to the massive tree trunk to the left and finally to the forest of the thinner trees in the background. Lastly, your eye will be able to escape to the sky through the upper left corner. Everything seems to joyfully emerge or “grow out” of the moss-covered earth. 

The creator of these Jizo figures is Mr. Takashi Sugimura of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Dimensions N/A


Pv1 (9 x 24 in.), Pv2 (14 x 36 in.), Pv3 (20 x 48 in.), Pv4 (24 x 60 in.), Pv5 (28 x 72 in.), Pv6 (38 x 96 in.), Pv7 (48 x 120 in.)


None, UV

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