Renge-ji (C-139)

From the The Great Gardens of Kyoto collection.


While the main temple burned down during the Onin War and was later rebuilt, this garden with its stone lantern witnessed and endured everything silently and patiently. The lantern seems to watch over us as well. This garden was built by the same gardener who built the garden of Shisendo. If you have visited both gardens, you may have felt the comforting feeling common to both.
This pond with its shape resembling the kanji character for “water” reminds us to be calm during our busy daily life. At the same time, in contrast to the calming pond, you can see the full spectrum of vibrant colors in the leaves.

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L1 (14 x 11 in.), L2 (20 x 16 in.), L3 (24 x 20 in.), L4 (30 x 24 in.), L5 (40 x 32 in.), L6 (50 x 40 in.), L7 (60 x 48 in.)


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