Renge-ji (ALC-18)

From the Autumn Gardens in Kyoto collection.


William photographed this scene with both his 8×10 and panoramic 8×20 cameras. Here, he was able to create one of his signature compositions—looking out into the garden from within the interior of the temple, which gives us an impression of expansiveness and depth. William often chose one small detail from which he created an entire composition by expanding the view from that point. The starting point for him in this image was the small plant with some red fruits at the bottom left. The dark vertical columns add structure and emphasis to the composition. William always considered how many columns to include and how to space them out. There are many choices, and each one can make a big difference in the final image. Here, he chose to place the stone lantern, the ornamental tsuru-ishi (crane stone) and stone bridge in a manner that is well-balanced between the columns. Let’s sit quietly and appreciate this moment and the beauty of nature. 



P1 (24 x 9 in.), P2 (36 x 14 in.), P3 (48 x 20 in.), P4 (60 x 24 in.), P5 (72 x 28 in.), P6 (96 x 38 in.), P7 (120 x 48 in.)


None, UV

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