Jakko-in (A-144)

From the Beautiful Gardens in Kyoto collection.


Taken in the year 1984, this image has become more significant since the hondo or lecture hall (partially seen on the left) burned down in 2000. Many of William’s 8×10 images were taken during the 1980s, but they don’t feel outdated. He felt his photographic art would thrive well into the future. At first, our eyes are captivated by the red leaves in the center of the image. And because of the red color, we would usually associate this picture with autumn, yet it was taken in May during the late spring since there are some red azaleas below the tree. Appreciating these brilliant colors is possible because the surrounding colors are either neutral or complementary (green) and act as the supporting characters. This supportive relationship creates harmony. The shape of the roof on the left echoes in the shape of the old bronze lantern in the lower right. This photograph has a timeless feeling, yet is also uplifting given the sad history of the temple. Perhaps the yellow flower next to it contributes to this sentiment.

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L1 (14 x 11 in.), L2 (20 x 16 in.), L3 (24 x 20 in.), L4 (30 x 24 in.), L5 (40 x 32 in.), L6 (50 x 40 in.), L7 (60 x 48 in.)


None, UV

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