Stone Bridge (D-100)

From the The Great Gardens of Kyoto collection.

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We see a well balanced combination of all the elements in this image. The strong silver stones of the path contrast with the delicate tiny pink flowers to the side and the green moss in the background. This is one of the images that give us the the sense of what William cared for. For him gardens did not have to be a magnificent scene to be photographed; he also appreciated the small details that many people fail to notice. In this image we can feel serenity. 



L1 (14 x 11 in.), L2 (20 x 16 in.), L3 (24 x 20 in.), L4 (30 x 24 in.), L5 (40 x 32 in.), L6 (50 x 40 in.), L7 (60 x 48 in.)


None, UV

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