Shusui Tei (E-120)

From the Peaceful Gardens in Kyoto collection.


Shusui-tei is a cottage named after the “kawa-semi” or kingfisher, a small colorful bird that used to inhabit this pond, which is located within the Kyoto Imperial Palace next to the Sento Gosho. William composed this image with the natural elements taking up most of the foreground and the cottage behind and in the distance. This allows us to appreciate the vitality of the light magenta crape myrtle flowers that are in full bloom.  The scene is not only peaceful and inviting but joyous as well.



P1 (24 x 9 in.), P2 (36 x 14 in.), P3 (48 x 20 in.), P4 (60 x 24 in.), P5 (72 x 28 in.), P6 (96 x 38 in.), P7 (120 x 48 in.)


None, UV

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