Flowers in Yamagata (Y-80)

From the Peaceful Gardens in Kyoto collection.


Although these flowers are commonly found in Kyoto gardens, this carefully composed image was taken in Yamagata Prefecture. The clusters of round blue hydrangea of various sizes with broad green leaves are contrasted with the pink spikes of false spirea flowers (astilbe japonica) on the right. These clusters are not only harmoniously balanced, but also tied together by the scattered small red flowers in between them. The colors of nature are so beautiful. The neutral gray-colored tree trunk in the the upper left corner seems to offer a way out of this rich composition while also giving it some depth. 



P1 (24 x 9 in.), P2 (36 x 14 in.), P3 (48 x 20 in.), P4 (60 x 24 in.), P5 (72 x 28 in.), P6 (96 x 38 in.), P7 (120 x 48 in.)


None, UV

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