Shimogamo Shrine (ALC-1)

From the Autumn Gardens in Kyoto collection.


In this vertically captured image of the Romon gate of Shimogamo Shrine, William left a tiny, but essential, gap between the diagonal roofline in the foreground and the tip of the Romon roof in the background. This enables our eyes to glide freely along the contours without obstruction. If you look carefully at this image, you will understand how much attention William paid to detail, which often ends up making a crucial difference in the final composition. The brightly lit golden post in the foreground stands silently, like a deity guarding sacred ground. 

Dimensions N/A


Pv1 (9 x 24 in.), Pv2 (14 x 36 in.), Pv3 (20 x 48 in.), Pv4 (24 x 60 in.), Pv5 (28 x 72 in.), Pv6 (38 x 96 in.), Pv7 (48 x 120 in.)


None, UV

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