Sanzen-in (ND-40)

From the Zen Gardens in Kyoto collection.


Similar to C-152, this image shows a panoramic view of the Yusei garden with the Ojo Gokuraku-in Amida-do quietly situated in the background. William paid special attention to the dynamic relationship between the vertical and diagonal lines. A maple tree with bright red leaves is complemented by the orange leaves nearby. The early morning light gives the a bluish tint to the temple, in contrast to the columnar tree trunks. He also allowed a small space in the upper right to let your eyes escape. 



P1 (24 x 9 in.), P2 (36 x 14 in.), P3 (48 x 20 in.), P4 (60 x 24 in.), P5 (72 x 28 in.), P6 (96 x 38 in.), P7 (120 x 48 in.)


None, UV

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