Hakuryu-en (ALC-26)

From the Autumn Gardens in Kyoto collection.


This image of Hakuryu-en was taken in the same location as ND-20, but from a slightly different angle. While both images show bright red leaves and extended branches, this one shows the same tree from the side, leaving a space to the right that allows it to contrast with the green background. Also, more of the interior of the Fukuju-tei pavilion is visible, enabling us to appreciate the reflection of red leaves on the surface of the wood. This is the natural view looking out to the surroundings had we sat down on the wooden bench inside. Garden art can be appreciated whether we are walking or standing outside, or even when we sit, allowing our bodies to rest while taking in a special moment. 



P1 (24 x 9 in.), P2 (36 x 14 in.), P3 (48 x 20 in.), P4 (60 x 24 in.), P5 (72 x 28 in.), P6 (96 x 38 in.), P7 (120 x 48 in.)


None, UV

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