Tokai-an (D-124)

From the Beautiful Gardens in Kyoto collection.


William created a unique composition in this picture—you can see that all the peripheral elements are framing the green garden that lies in the center. This is very unlike many garden images in which the garden is typically framed by shoji or fusuma. The lantern and round chozubachi water basin on the left, and the post and veranda of the structure on the right, and the curved branch of the tree that extends to the roof on top all combine to make a natural frame for the garden. All of these elements, similar in tone and color, direct our eyes to the garden. The greenness and earthy tones or Japanese gardens are calming to our eyes.  We can also appreciate the way William captured the stones that are laid down in a balanced rhythm. The compassion resembles a saddle, lending even more tranquility to the scene. 

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L1 (14 x 11 in.), L2 (20 x 16 in.), L3 (24 x 20 in.), L4 (30 x 24 in.), L5 (40 x 32 in.), L6 (50 x 40 in.), L7 (60 x 48 in.)


None, UV

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