Katsura Rikyu (E-104)

From the The Imperial Gardens of Kyoto collection.


This vertical composition leads our eyes upward along massive stone steps or “tobi-ishi” that lead to a teahouse-like structure, the Shoka-tei, at the top of the photograph. It is a pavilion for rest, similar to the Toge-no-chaya—a teahouse for travelers that sits at the top of a steep canyon. Even though the hill here is very low, it is a highest point on the precincts. Without the 8x 20 format, it would not be possible to capture all the tobi-ishi stones in the frame. For the viewer, the steps may symbolize aspiration towards lofty goals or a hopeful future. 

Dimensions N/A


Pv1 (9 x 24 in.), Pv2 (14 x 36 in.), Pv3 (20 x 48 in.), Pv4 (24 x 60 in.), Pv5 (28 x 72 in.), Pv6 (38 x 96 in.), Pv7 (48 x 120 in.)


None, UV

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