Heian Jingu: Heian Shrine (A-112)

From the The Gardens of Kyoto collection.


This shrine is name after the Heian era (794 to 1185). “Heian”  in Japanese means “peace.” William chose not to capture the shrine structure, but instead what “Heian” represents. The roots of a tree resemble the shape of the kanji character for human () and emerge to the surface of a sea of soft pink cherry petals — as if to say that we humans are gently enveloped by nature.

Dimensions N/A


L1 (14 x 11 in.), L2 (20 x 16 in.), L3 (24 x 20 in.), L4 (30 x 24 in.), L5 (40 x 32 in.), L6 (50 x 40 in.), L7 (60 x 48 in.)


None, UV

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