The Gardens of Italy: Tuscany

I made my way to Tuscany to study the context in which european environmental design had developed, to gain a glimpse of how garden designers, religious and political figures all made important contributions through the centuries. Tuscany was a superb balance to my work in Kyoto. In Japan everything works-perfectly-almost too perfectly. In Italy, almost …

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Beautiful Gardens in Kyoto

“I have been lucky enough to find something that has kept my interest for an awfully long time. There have been times of incredible frustration but never boredom. As an artist I was looking for material that would sustain my interest for a long period of time. In the gardens I found endless subject matter …

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Spring Gardens in Kyoto

We arrived in Kyoto on April 25th, 2007—one month after William had completed six weeks of radiation therapy after his second operation performed on Jan 9th of that year. His cancer had metastasized, and there were no more methods left to try to cure it. We didn’t know how much longer he could live… three …

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Zen Gardens in Kyoto

For 1100 years Kyoto was the capital of Japan, the seat of the imperial court and the center of Japan’s traditional culture. Although it is not clear when the first garden arrangements were completed, literary evidence indicates that the tradition extends back at least twelve and a half centuries. Graced by a wealth of fine …

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Autumn Gardens in Kyoto

In the autumn of 1993, I began work in Kyoto on an entirely new series of images with the ultra large format 8×20 camera. These photographs would later become a hand-made, limited-edition book. The book of twelve copies was set in letter press type and bound accordion-style, in luxurious silks, by one of the oldest …

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The Imperial Gardens of Kyoto

More than three centuries ago, when Kyoto was the capital of Japan, three magnificent gardens were created there for the imperial court . Today these three gardens—those of the Sento Imperial Palace (Sento Gosho), the Katsura Detached Palace (Katsura Rikyu), and the Shugakuin Detached Palace (Shugakuin Rikyu)—are among the most celebrated in the Japanese garden …

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The Gardens of Yamagata

Yamagata Prefecture, with its soaring mountains and wide river valleys lies on the west side of Japan’s Tohoku district, some 250 miles north of Tokyo. In the spring of 1995, I was invited as ‘artist in residence’ to the Tohoku University of Art & Design in Yamagata City. Throughout the spring and summer months I …

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The Great Gardens of Kyoto

The third set of images from the Kyoto garden series made with the 8×10 view camera. These gardens, reverently preserved and universally admired, stand as monuments to the skillful principles of Japanese garden and landscape art. I chose to photograph with an 8×10 view camera, because it interpreted the gardens with unparalleled precision. These images …

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