Printing & Lamination

LightJet Custom Digital Photographic Printing

All the prints are made by LightJet digital photographic printing. LightJet printing is a continuous-tone process that uses RGB lasers to expose photographic paper, ensuring the best possible color accuracy, the sharpest detail and excellent smoothness. LightJet prints made on Fuji Crystal Archive papers are accepted as fine-art quality, and the Fuji Crystal Archive materials have the highest longevity rating in independent lab tests of any chromogenic photographic material.

UV Lamination

We offer an optional protective lamination on our prints at an additional charge. The coating is a 3 mil UV luster vinyl laminate that is heat mounted directly to the prints. It protects the prints from the dust, fingerprints, and minor spills and also inhibits UV (ultra-violet light) to protect the image from fading. The UV lamination can substitute for protective glass.
See print sizes and prices with and without lamination.


Laminated prints should only be cleaned with a dry microfiber cloth. The cloth will be sufficient to remove dust and most fingerprints. If something is spilled on the laminate that will not wipe off with a dry cloth, diluted isopropyl alcohol can be used to remove substances. Warm water with just a drop of a gentle dishwashing detergent may also be used. When applying any of these substances, always use the microfiber cloth for application.

Framing / Mounting

While we do not offer mounting or framing, we recommend that our customers consult with framers near them to mount or frame their prints. See our information on print sizes.

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