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Yamagata, Japan


Due to the 8 x 20 format of the camera/negative, William was able to capture the panoramic view gracefully. You can see the Nokyo-Do, and it is said to have been built back in 1599. Nokyo-Do houses the hand copied Hokkekyo/法華経(Lotus Sutra) scroll. “I take the old, wooden camera out of the bag and set it upon the equally battered tripod. Then, I drape the focusing cloth over my head and around the outside of the camera. It takes a moment to adjust to the sudden change of perspective, as I look at the upside-down image reflected on the 8 X 20 inch ground glass. But there is almost no separation between what I see and what I had pictured in my mind. I slowly swing the camera left and right and up and down, paying careful attention to the edges of the landscape that float in and out of view.”

- William Corey