Yamagata Prefecture, with its soaring mountains and wide river valleys lies on the west side of Japan’s Tohoku district, some 250 miles north of Tokyo.

In the spring of 1995, I was invited as ‘artist in residence’ to the Tohoku University of Art & Design in Yamagata City. Throughout the spring and summer months I photographed many of the temples and gardens of this beautiful region with the ultra large format 8×20 camera.

In 1997, a selection of these /images, printed to a size of four by ten feet were exhibited at the Bunshokan Art Museum in Yamagata. It was an honor to be the first western artist ever to be featured in a solo exhibition at this very old and prestigious museum. The /images in this portfolio are a selection from that exhibition.

All photographs are available for purchase. Sizes up to 4 X 10 feet.

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Godai Do
Nokyo Do Iwanami Kannon
Kozen-Ji Kozen-Ji
Azalea and Birch Tree