Kyoto, Japan

天龍寺 (京都府京都市右京区嵯峨天龍寺芒ノ馬場町)

“I knew what to do. Just close my eyes and let the image swirl about as I emptied my mind. The picture would always come that way. Just close my eyes, relax my body, and it would create itself. And once it was there, the first image, the next, and the next would be as inevitable as my breath. The process always frightened me a little, the way it would come from nowhere, push itself up from some place inside me, full-blown and demanding to spread. I kept myself suspended, feeling it grow up from my center, threatening to make me lose my balance and go tumbling to the ground. I was almost there, at that terrifying place where my groin contracted and release was demanded before my mind went over the edge. I kept pushing myself toward that dangerous point. It came with an explosion, a relief that always felt like ejaculation and, more often than not, brought tears to my eyes. And once it was realized, almost without knowing it, I went over the horizon, ceased to be aware, took a long, deep breath, and willed my finger to gently press the shutter.”

- William Corey