Kyoto, Japan

修学院離宮 (京都市左京区の比叡山麓にある宮内庁所管の離宮)

This also is one of the Imperial Villas in Kyoto, and it is made of 3 different gardens: Kami-no-ochaya:上御茶屋/Naka-no-ochaya:中御茶屋/Shimo-no-ochaya : 下御茶屋)

Kami-no-ochaya (the Upper Tea house/Garden) and Shimo-no-ochaya (the Lower Tea house/Garden) were constructed by the Edo Shogunate government under the direction of Emperor Gomizu-no-o (後水尾上皇) during the middle of 17th century A.D. Naka-no-ochaya (the Middle Tea house/Garden) was constructed for the daughter of Emperor Gomizu-no-o. Since the Meiji-era, all the Tea houses/Gardens have been maintained by the Ministry of the Imperial Household (宮内省) and the Imperial Household Agency (宮内庁).

What strikes us by visiting these gardens is the fact that the Imperial families throughout the history have been placing the high value and the prioity on aesthetics and the maintenance of them. Without it, these beautiful Imperial Gardens would not have materialized nor survived until now.

William called this image the “made picture” (as opposed to the “found picture”) to mean “to create the composition from the scratch”. There lies the vast beautiful scenery, so it was very difficult for him to find the “focal point” in this garden. He used all the available elements to create lines, forms and shapes.

Please remeber the fact that he is seeing everything upside down through the camera. It is a very geometrically structured piece.