Kyoto, Japan

詩仙堂 (京都府京都市左京区一乗寺門口町)

“The light inside was no more than dusk that leaked past the edges of the wooden screens as I opened them, and stepping inside the large entrance hall, I felt the air, full of floating dust and heavy with strong, fragrant incense. Tendrils of coolness wrapped around me. There was no one around that I could see or hear, and somehow it didn’t seem right to call out in that quiet place. Quiet–only when I had stepped inside, placed my camera bag and tripod neatly on the floor, and stood still to take it all in, did I realize how quiet. The rough worn wood of the beams and posts was dark and grained, and the creamy white plaster of the walls had a bluish color, like light around an egg. The paper screens were yellow with charcoal smoke and the ends of the roof tiles black and hollow. The whole was silent–peaceful, resting, welcoming–and the sudden wings of a pigeon somewhere up in the cavernous eaves was enough to startle me as I stood there gaping.”

- William Corey