Kyoto, Japan

雪舟寺 (京都市東山区にある臨済宗東福寺派大本山・東福寺の塔頭)

It is also called, Funda-In / 芬陀院. “At the end of the corridor the old nun opened the heavy screens just far enough to form a tiny gap, and the smell of clean air burst over my nostrils. She hesitated, and I wondered whether she was strong enough to pull them further apart. Just as I started forward to help, she seemed to reach down into herself and with a mighty tug…the wide garden was before us. It had the look of perfection, a look of everlastingness. And something else-an unmistakable vitality, something alive and breathing there. It seemed to hug the contours of the forest and the hillside. I felt a desire stir in me like some nearly extinct beast shaking off the effects of a long and troubled hibernation.”

- William Corey