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Kyoto, Japan

大原三千院聚碧園 (京都府京都市左京区大原来迎院町)

Sanzen-in was established during the early Heian Period by Saicho. Its location was moved to the current one in 1871. The name, Sanzen-In, has been used since 1871. It was called, among many, Kajii-Gosho/梶井御所, etc. It had “moved” several times and finally settled at the current location in 1871. The name, Sanzen-in, has been used since then. As you can see, there are no furnitures nor screens blocking the views. One is encouraged to view the garden through the columns. One thing to pay attention in this photo is how William had captured the thin gap between the columns. Although the gaps are paper thin, the eyes of the viewer can see the light and the green leaves of the garden between the columns.