Photo by William Corey

William Corey Gallery (WCG) LLC was established by his widow, Reimi Adachi in 2008. WCG is an online photo gallery, and we sell fine art photographs via online and off line. We also participate in the physical exhibitions hosted by the other galleries, public spaces, etc.

After William Corey, succumbed to cancer and left this world in 2008, Reimi has been a dedicated keeper and promoter of William’s work, and it has become the mission of WCG to take on his life’s work and to promote his large format fine art photography internationally.

WCG’s purpose – There are 3 missions:

ENABLING AWARENESS as one of William’s themes….

William wanted to share the beauty of Japanese Garden and its culture.  He tried to capture the SPIRIT of the garden, but his photography goes even further. His mastery of natural light, his highly structured compositional sense, and his flair for recognizing moments of epiphany in his dramatic large photograph produce works of art that bring the subject matter to viewer in entirely new ways. It challenges the viewers to use all the senses as well as their mind.

Such approach welcomes one to go back to William’s images again and again without ever becoming tired of them. His theme should be passed on to the many, so they can be aware of the beauty around them.

As a Japanese national living in Boulder, Colorado, Reimi also resonate deeply with William’s another desire to become a cultural bridge between the countries through his photography. Reimi consider herself to be the sort of a Goodwill Ambassador through his work to introduce the beauty of Japanese Garden and culture to more people internationally.

Reimi is also cancer survivor herself and looked after her loved one, so she has the deep understanding about the people going through the most difficult time of their lives. She feels William’s image would offer calmness, serenity, and peacefulness to the viewers.

To have peace in one’s heart would be the first step in the healing process.

WCG strives to offer the highest quality fine art prints by employing the highest technical standard available in the field.

Please enjoy William’s Japanese garden images.