Kyoto, Japan

萬福寺 (京都府宇治市五ヶ庄)

Manpuku ji is a Buddhist temple located in Uji, Kyoto. It was founded by Chinese monk named Yinyuan Longqui/Ingen Ryuki (隠元隆琦) in 1661. Yinyuan/Ingen was from Rinzai sect, and he was an abbot of Wanfu Temple (萬福寺) of Mount Huangbo (黄檗山). After numerous invitation, Yinyuan decided to come to Japan in 1654 at the age 63 along with his 20 disciples. This temple was named after the original one in China. The name of the sect was changed to Obaku (Chinese: Huangbo) / 黄檗 sect. The 3 cups situated on the tatami mat in this image are for the tea ceremony. As we contemplate the greenness of the garden and the pond, one can find the deep relationship to the greenness of tea. One takes tea in silence to fully experience the moment.