Yamagata, Japan


This one was one of William’s personal favorites because the heart shape of the pond reminded him of me… This image was used in the poster announcing William’s exhibition and the lecture at Bunshyoukan Art Museum (文翔館) in Yamagata, back in 1998. “Lifting up the huge tripod and heavy wooden camera, I step down onto the gravel path, put on my shoes and walk delicately into the midst of the garden. I can feel anxiety and excitement and an undercurrent of apprehension; a strong sense of being unsure. To view it now as the ‘artist’, it all seems chaotic and strange. I sort through the elements before me, the the tall dark tree, the carefully clipped bushes, the heart-shaped pond, the light on the roof of the bell tower in the background. As beautiful as they each individually are, it is not these details in isolation that form this ‘perfect’ landscape, but these fragments in relation to one another. Gradually it comes, like putting together the pieces of an intricate jig-saw puzzle, each magnificent detail slowly starts to fit together as one.”

- William Corey