Yamagata, Japan


In the spring of 1995, William was invited as ‘artist in residence’ to the Tohoku University of Art & Design in Yamagata City. He then was invited back again to Yamagata City in 1998 to have a solo exhibition and to give a lecture at Bunshyoukan Art Museum (文翔館). It was an honor to be the first western artist ever to be featured in a solo exhibition at this very old and prestigious museum. …for some reasons, this environment and the image reminds me of modern yet another era… Meiji-Taisho era… ” I can feel the garden coming alive. I watch it grow before me and I seem to slip back centuries to an ordered world of calm and balance. My concentration seems great but effortless. Now, nothing moves in the garden, but it is filled with a great feeling of life and motion. It seems important to be here, as if I were on the threshold of some great discovery. Perhaps the importance of this place rests in its mere existence and the opportunity to come here. This is something that all the photographs and written interpretations strive to reproduce; the thrill of watching the garden.”

- William Corey