Kyoto, Japan

興聖寺 (京都府宇治市宇治山田27)

The path way towards the temple exists side by side with the creek where the sound of the water resembles the sound of Koto instrument, so it is also called, “Koto-saka/ 琴坂” “I saw a butterfly, the first of the spring. It was an outline in the distance and cobalt freshly adorned the russet of the wings as it came nearer. I stood up and started off again, as if following the hair-tail butterfly that darted out happily from among the still plume-less grasses and fox-tails. The path, which would be a river bottom when it rained, shone where the sun struck it like mineral outcroppings and whispered with the coolness of the shadows. Little by little the shadows grew thicker. The cryptomeria were denser and a cool breeze came from among them. The butterfly cut an uncertain path through the darkness of the grove. The path curved gently to the left, and walking became a little easier. The pain in my side left me and my step was brisker. The trees, the ferns, the bamboo thickets, even the sunlight that spilled over everything seemed to create an air of purity, solemnity, and joy.”

- William Corey