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Yamagata, Japan


This is one of the “Signature” pieces by William Corey. Many have declared that this truly represents William and what he was aiming to convey to the viewers… enabling awareness of tranquility and living stillness… William always silently communicated with the spirit of the gardener who created the given garden while planning his composition to harmonize the expression of William and the intention of the gardener; therefore, his artworks are not the simple snapshot of the gardens. “I can hear the steady flow of water, running in soothing waves over the rocks under the waterfall. Then, the sudden splash of an ageless carp feeding in the pond. From somewhere in the distance comes the sound of children laughing and the steady clip-clop of wooden sandals returning home. I work slowly and carefully and as the composition takes shape my anxiety has turned to determination. As the image becomes real in my mind, the making of the photograph moves almost thoughtlessly. When what I see, what I feel and what I want all converge-at that one clear moment-what was chaotic and strange is now tranquil and harmonious, a realized composition. Now, I make the photograph.”

- William Corey