Kyoto, Japan


Hakuryuen is not open to the public. William found this garden by chance. One day he was on the train heading towards the diffrent temple, and from its window he saw a shrine. He was curious, so he got off the train to check this place. He found out soon that it is a private garden, but it was “love at first sight” for William with this garden, and asked permission from the owner of this garden to take the picture of this premises.

The owner couldn’t speak a word of English, but he must have seen something in William, for he welcomed William and invited him to take the picture of the garden anytime he would like. There were always someone at the premises to take care of this temple.

Every time William went back to Kyoto, this was the frist place he would visit not only to take the picutures but to spend the time quietly as if to become one with the garden.

It is one of the most calming place we knew, and it gave the feeling full of tranqility. During the last trip, I found him often just sitting quietly and enjoying being there.

I know that William felt happiest when he was there, and perhaps he was taking in its peaceful scenery into his soul.