Kyoto, Japan

東福寺普門院 (京都府京都市東山区本町)

“I picked a blossom blindly off my forehead, opened my eyes and examined it against the sky, then set it on the thinly pleated water. Three carp rippled just beneath the surface, swimming languidly with a flawless coherence of instinct and beauty. There was something odd about them and –dimly at first–I noticed that their eyes, unblinking, seemed intelligent, fixed right on me. They kept circling their earlier circles, dorsal fins going, churning up bottom storms of gravel. One was the color of a pearl, light both absorbed and reflected by its scales. so that it appeared translucent; another the color of buffed iron, had red and yellow stars wheeling in sequined patterns on its side. The largest was the harsh yellow of gold coins, which softened to a radiant amber as it surface. They seemed surreal, quiet as a movement of clouds.”

- William Corey