Japanese Garden Photography Gracing Your Space

Artwork for Interior Designer / Architects

Can you imagine the first impression a client has about you and your company when he/she has just entered your front office and saw the large, beautiful works of art?

Displaying art can also help create a good impression with your clients. You can send a positive message about your company.

By placing office art in the hallways and the work environments, you can inspire your employees to think beyond the confines of the beige walls of your office. Some artworks may even help them through their day, especially when they need encouragement.

William Corey offers the stunning beauty of Japanese garden images which captures viewer’s heart, invokes peaceful feeling, and enhances the work environment. His large format / mural size photgraphs will bring the joy and ceate the feeling of being at the scene.

All images in William Corey Gallery are available for purchase. His images are made from the large format negatives ( 8 x 10 inch and 8 x 20 inch formats); therefore, we offer 2 formats. One is for the 8 x 10 format (semi-square image), and the prints can be made into various sizes from 11 x 14 inches to 48 x 60 inches (mural size). The other one is for the 8 x 20 format ( rectangular / panoramic image), and the photograph prints can be made into the sizes from 9 x 24 inches to 48 x 120 inches (4 x 10 ft) and larger. These images are suitable to display at the various environments including: the living room / bedroom spaces, corporate office spaces, hospitals and health facilities, hotels, restaurants etc. Please view the installation samples, or the purchase page for more information.

Uniquness of William’s large format negatives can produce clean, crisp sharp images rich in details and creating three dimentional images, unlike other large photographic prints often made from the much smaller negatives. Only when the negatives are large as ours, the prints created from them have unblemished clarity and depth enabling viewers to examine the details which cannot be seen in the similar prints by others.

We are available to assist you to select the perfect images for your home and/or for your corporate office(s) and to work within your budget. We also offer quantity discounts for the order of two or more large prints.

Fine artworks for a corporate office is a very good investment and life time investment!

Please contact us for more detail.

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