Kyoto, Japan

平等院・鳳凰堂 (京都府宇治市宇治蓮華)

“The clouds had lifted again, and the very last touch of sunset had grown brighter, as if sneaking in close. The quiet beauty of the garden was caught up in the restlessness of dusk. The carp in the pond were astir, the light filtered in tinted beams through the leaves. I stood on the bridge over the pond looking around me, gazing at the garden. My shadow stretched out over the moving carp with the shadow of the bridge. I took a deep breath and looked down into the water; the surface glinted in the radiant light. Looking at my face reflected in the water, I searched the face that was my own and saw in my eyes a touch, a spark and distant flame. I thought that my life had turned suddenly, and that I might not know how or which way for possibly a long time. Maybe, in fact, I might never know. I watched the net flung by the setting sun upon the water, and I felt like the last fish resisting the violet light and refusing to be caught in the net.”

- William Corey