Kyoto, Japan

安楽寺 (京都市左京区鹿ケ谷御所ノ段町21)

Here we can see another good example of peaceful juxtaposition of the man-made and the nature. Instead of a building structure (i.e., a shrine/temple), we can see a man-made stone statue, and this is the statue of one of the most beloved Bodhisattva called Jizo. Jizo-bosatsu (Bodhisattva) is best known in Japan as the guardian of children… especially of the children who had crossed the threshold before their parents. The Sanskrit name of JIzo is Ksitigarba, and ksiti means “earth”, and garba means “womb”. Therefore, Jizo bosatsu embodies the great nurturing and healing power of the earth. One can sense the peaceful and quiet yet powerful presence of Jizo-bosatsu co-existing quite naturally with the mother nature.